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Testosterone Side Effects – Is Testosterone Therapy Safe?

Are you considering to use testosterone replacement therapy? There are several things you need to know about the social and health side effects of this treatment.

Testosterone Side Effects

Additionally, learn some of the safest substitute methods to increase those testosterone levels and things to avoid for the best results.

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The Increasing Use of Testosterone Replacement Therapies

The number of people resorting to testosterone therapy treatment has increased over the years, in America, the numbers have risen from around 5% to about 6.5%.

More research has shown the number of members of the armed forces prescribing for testosterone replacement therapy has also increased.

Testosterone replacement therapy has over the years been used to increase low levels of testosterone, and for men with low levels of this hormone, the treatment provides more benefits than negative effects.

However, unnecessary high dosages of this hormone may lead to adverse health effects or testosterone side effects.

The Importance of Testosterone

Testosterone is a beneficial and necessary hormone in men, the hormone is released at puberty and helps in the development of muscles in men, promotes a healthy sex drive, and helps infertility.

Testosterone Side Effects

When the creation of this hormone is not enough, then it may lead to several concerns.

Men with low levels of testosterone have tendencies of depression. They may also have premature ejaculations, low libido, or even infertility.

Thus necessary to seek medical advice on some of the treatments to help increase the hormone.

The testosterone replacement therapy works in various methods, one may get an injection, an implant, a cream, or a tablet. Testosterone Side Effects.

All these methods work by stimulating the release of testosterone hormone.

Unfortunately, there have been some cases of testosterone medication abuse.

Since testosterone aids in the formation of muscles in men and increasing bone strength, there is a tendency to abuse this drug and high dosages can cause fatal health issues.

Some of The Side Effects of Testosterone Include;

  • Prolonged erections, testosterone, as mentioned earlier, is responsible for a healthy sex drive in a man, a high amount of this hormone causes a prolonged erection, also known as priapism.

The prolonged erection may last from 30 minutes to an hour or longer, and this may lead to the damage of the artery supplying blood to the penis.

  • Heart failure, this is one of the most common negative effects of excess testosterone in the body. Testosterone leads to the high blood supply to the penis, which may subsequently cause damage to the arteries causing heart failure.

In addition to heart problems, some of the testosterone replacement therapies cause blood clots and stroke. The high amounts of blood cause these conditions.

  • High blood pressure, due to the increase in body activity, another common problem experienced from these therapies is high blood pressure.

The adverse health effects caused by testosterone therapies has sparked discussions among various stakeholders and though the food and drug administration has approved the use and sale of these drugs. Increased cases of heart-related problems call for amendments in the usage

May Lead to Prostate Issues.

Though for years urologists have discredited these claims, some recent studies have shown that testosterone replacement therapy leads to the enlargement of the prostate glands, and in a few cases can cause prostate cancer. It is, therefore, vital for men to receive regular check-ups. (Testosterone Side Effects)

  • Water retention, also known as edema, can occur on the face, lungs, arms, or the hands. Edema causes a change in weight, leads to joint pains and boating. The retention of water may lead to dysfunction of other organs in the body in turn, affecting one’s health.

Besides adverse effects on one’s health, testosterone treatments such as gels can affect others. Gels are a popular form of therapy and once in contact with the skins cause irritation and discomfort due to the sodium retention in the gel.

In case of contact with children, the treatment may trigger early puberty. When it comes into contact with a woman’s skin, the drug may cause acne, as well as changes in hair growth in the body.

Other adverse effects of testosterone hormone include; excess weight gain and hair growth, acne, nausea, migraines, enlarged breast, and depression.

To prevent a severe medical issue, here are a few natural substitutes to increase the release of testosterone.

  • Increase your activity level.

Increasing your activity levels will help increase your body’s strength, in turn, stimulating the release of testosterone. So before taking that pill, work those muscles, and stay fit.

Increasing your activity levels also has all-around benefits for your body, with the increased supply of blood to the body, subsequently improving the performance of the body.

Make a Change in Your Diet.

Foods rich in vitamin D, increase the release of the testosterone hormone. In addition to the food, go out in the sun for about 30 minutes each day for a free dose of vitamin D. However, if you do not have access to sunlight, adding vitamin D supplements to your diet will help in increasing those levels.

Testosterone Side Effects
  • Get rest and enough sleep.

One of the causes of reduced levels of testosterone is stress, fatigue, and depression. By getting enough rest and sleep the body can balance hormones, thus facilitating the proper production of testosterone hormones. It is advisable to sleep for 7 to 8 hours every night for the best results.

Also, avoid alcohol, to successful substitute testosterone therapies with natural methods, it is advisable to avoid drinking alcohol, drinking alcohol is associated with extra weight which deteriorates one’s progress.

Take away.

Healthy Lifestyle

One thing that stands out is the importance of a healthy lifestyle; the use of testosterone therapies have been associated with early death. To avoid this, consider using natural methods to increase the levels of testosterone are safer and healthier.

Now before you make that big purchase, have a clear plan on the prescription plan, seek medical guidance, and in case of unusual changes in your body seek medical attention immediately. However, for a long lasting solution, consider the above natural remedies and most importantly be positive in the journey.

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