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Top 10 Ways – How to Increase Testosterone?

Have you noticed a decrease in your sex drive, moodiness, depression, fatigue, or hair loss?

Then you may need to increase testosterone production. Low productions of testosterone can be treated using natural as well as medical methods.

Read on as we dig deeper into some of the ways to increase those testosterone levels as well as major factors leading to the low levels of testosterone.

When a boy hits puberty, the body starts to produce testosterone hormone, the levels of this hormone are highest at this age and decreases with age.

Reduced production of testosterone with aging is normal and does not cause any health concerns.

However, if you have experienced erectile dysfunction, low libido, depression, fatigue, or hair loss, then this may mean the testosterone hormone has drastically reduced compared to the standard production rates.

How to Increase Testosterone

The good news is, health experts have come up with several solutions to help increase the production of testosterone.

How to increase testosterone levels naturally with food?

Some of the ways to increase testosterone levels include;

  • Use of tablets, this is a popular method used to stimulate the production of the testosterone hormone. The tablets can be taken twice a day depending on the severity of the condition as well as the doctor’s analysis.
  • Gels and creams, creams are applied directly to the skin. The gel is applied once a day and also serves as stimuli for the production of the hormone.
  • Use of injections and implants, injections, and implants are for people who want the medication directly to the bloodstreams.
  • Muscle training, for those who prefer natural methods, then exercise is one of the methods for increased production of testosterone. Exercise works by increasing strength and stamina, which not only promotes good health but also aids in the production of testosterone.

One of the most effective exercise routines is the high-intensity interval training; this training works to increase agility, while still burning extra fats and maintaining an overall healthy body.

  • Rest and adequate sleep, one of the factors associated with the production of low testosterone levels is stress and fatigue, to prevent this it is advisable to have 8 hours of sleep daily.

It is also essential to sleep at the correct time, studies have shown that sleep between 10 pm and 2 am triggers the production of cortisol, which helps in balancing the hormones, in turn, promoting proper production of the testosterone hormone.

Get vitamin D and consume foods high in Vitamin D.

Vitamin D provides the body with essential nutrients to facilitate the production of testosterone. Also include foods such as salmon, shrimp, and mushroom.

In addition to the natural sources of vitamin D, you can also use vitamin and mineral supplements. Though the benefits of vitamin and mineral supplements have spooked debates, the supplements provide a good alternative and addition to the natural sources of vitamin D.

Decrease body fat.

Body fats have been seen to convert testosterone to estrogen, the female hormone, and this subsequently leads to a drop in the levels of testosterone. To reduce body fat watch your carbs and fat intake, moreover, watch your calorie intake and practice a healthy lifestyle.

How to Increase Testosterone

Avoid refined foods.

Refined and processed food offers little nutritional value, and one thing that has stood out is for proper production of testosterone; it is vital to eat a balanced diet. Instead, opt for natural foods from the grocery store or local farmers market.

Besides, refined foods have high contents of carbs and sugar, which lead to weight gain; these foods also stimulate eating urges which lead to eating in between meals, in turn weight gain.

One of the problems associated with low levels of testosterone is increased body weight due to the inability of the body to form muscles.

So the next time, you are tempted to buy that processed food, remember the adverse effects it has on your wellbeing.

Avoid alcohol abuse.

Abuse of alcohol and other recreational drugs have been attributed to the decrease in the production of testosterone.

Good health plays a massive part in the creation of the hormone, some of the health conditions that affect the production of testosterone include, kidney disease, diabetes type II, liver cirrhosis, inflammation of the testis and chronic illnesses.

To prevent severe health deterioration, avoid abuse of drugs.

Factors that may affect the production of testosterone.

  • Congenital incapacities, this may be detected early on, and with the presence of new medicines easily rectifiable.
  • Head injury, a head injury may affect the brain in turn, affecting the brain cell responsible for the stimulation of the hormone.
  • Higher levels of oestrogen.

Injury on the testes, this may be caused by inflammation, cuts, or bruises. Testosterone is produced in the testis, thus play a significant part in ensuring adequate production of this hormone.

  • Chemotherapy, chemotherapy has been known to alter with the normal function of the body, and this is no different when it comes to the production of testosterone. The chemotherapy may sometimes cause injury affecting one’s overall well being
  • Chronic depression, which may lead to poor health, consequently negatively impacting one’s health.

Why testosterone levels matter

  • Testosterone plays a big part in the development of the male body, thus essential for adequate production. Testosterone levels are associated with self-confidence in men, fertility, and muscle growth.

Take away.

Though most men naturally have the testosterone hormone, factors undermining the production of the hormones may require interventions.

The above natural remedies will not only promote the production of testosterone but will also encourage a healthy lifestyle by embracing exercises reducing body fat and eating healthy food.

Avoid sugary foods, foods high in carbs instead incorporate foods high in healthy fats, proteins, and fiber.

For those who prefer medical option, you also have a wide array of medication options to choose from, however, it is essential to be aware of the side effects of some of the drug. Therefore before starting any medication, follow up with a health practitioner and consult in case of any unusual changes.

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