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Chrissy Metz Weight Loss: Diet Plan, Exercise, Her Secret

Healthy living has been a popular topic among many, and the topic has mostly gained an audience when it comes to celebrities, actors, TV personalities and reality stars. (Chrissy Metz Weight Loss)

However, embracing a healthy lifestyle is not only crucial for celebrities but should be a common goal for everyone.

To achieve good health and the desired weight people have gone into diets, and for some surgery has helped in making the journey smoother.

Chrissy Metz Weight Loss

Everyone feels the need to maintain a specific kind of body, but the pressure is more when it comes to celebrities, and one Chrissy Metz has not been left out of the spotlight.

As Chrissy Metz recalls, she has always been large, and her weight has not been easy on her in the acting world.

This piece will take you through Chrissy Metz Weight Loss journey on her growth in acting, her growth in self-love, defining who she is, and most importantly, her drive to a healthy lifestyle.

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Chrissy Metz Weight Loss -(Start of her journey)

Christine Michelle Metz, born in 1980, is an actress and mostly known for her role at the NBC show This is us.

Chrissy has also featured in the American Horror movie: Freak Show and these films have seen her way to fame in the past few years.

Her success in the acting world has not come without challenges, and in a few interviews, Chrissy Metz has discussed her struggle with weight loss and depression.

Christine Metz has always been chubby, and this has always been an issue for her, at 11 years old, Chrissy joined the show weight watchers and at the time was the youngest contestant.

Though been in a room with older people made her feel out of place, it was a step in the right direction.

In 2018 Chrissy talked about Chrissy Metz Weight Loss journey, and she revealed she has always associated food with love, at around nine years her mother would not eat and it is just recently that she discovered her mother would sacrifice her food so that they would eat.

Her grandmother, also brought her food every evening after school and this gave her more comfort and joy.

It later dawned on Chrissy that during joyous moments, she would turn to food, and this started to happen even during the sad days.

Her lack of food also played a massive part in shaping her eating habits as she would eat when the food was available before it disappeared again.

This has since changed, and Chrissy is better at dealing with her emotions.

The start of Chrissy’s Acting Career

Chrissy recalls how her acting journey started and though she is has been nominated for several awards and graces the red carpet on many occasions.

The acting journey has not always been easy for her. Chrissy remembers how she struggled to secure an audition and this was mostly due to her self-esteem issue.

Before her big break, Chrissy would only attend two auditions in a year.

In the interview with Glamour, Chrissy even explains how she landed her acting gig.

She had accompanied her sister for an audition and in the process tried out and was contacted to meet with the production team in Los Angeles.

After joining the acting world, some of the roles were an eye opener for Chrissy and have seen her great journey into weight loss.

Chrissy has also talked about some of the health struggles she has gone through due to her weight.

Chrissy Metz Weight Loss

She even struggled with fertility, and after the realization that her eating habit was an issue to fill a void in her heart, she decided to sign a contract where she was required to shed some of the weight to feature in a show.

Though the contract did not place limits on the weight she was required to lose, Chrissy saw this as a win-win opportunity for her.

The actor has also been faced with questions on whether she would go under the knife, Chrissy spoke up in 2017 and dismissed any claims and thoughts about gastric bypass surgery.

She is comfortable in her body and is currently focused on a healthy lifestyle.

Chrissy’s appearance on our televisions has not only come with growth in her acting career but her self-worth as well.

Chrissy is now feeling more confident about herself and appreciating her journey.

According to Chrissy, when you love others, show kindness and service, you will feel better bot yourself.

Chrissy’s Humble Beginnings

Christine Metz journey to success and fame has not been easy.

At some point while still at Los Angeles, Chrissy worked as an assistant and her work entailed accompanying teenage girls to auditions.

She even took up a full-time job as an assistant as there were no roles for her.

Though she was able to pick up the pieces and appreciate herself, she, unfortunately, suffered from severe depression, and this affected her well-being.

Chrissy Metz Tries Out a Diet.

Chrissy was a size 12 when she first started acting, she managed to lose 50 pounds, but after a few trials in auditions and failing to land a new role, Chrissy fell into depression and gained 100 pounds.

She turned around during her birthday and decided to shed a few pounds. Chrissy settled on a diet and ate 2000 calories a day and walked each day for 20 minutes.

And though Chrissy doesn’t focus her energy on weighing herself, she is still working towards living healthy and living her life to the fullest.

Chrissy’s Journey to Loving Herself.

Each family has a few misunderstandings but this has not pulled Chrissy down.

Despite a few issues with her step-dad, Chrissy(Chrissy Metz Weight Loss) has managed to pick up the pieces.

She is now better in expressing how she is feeling, and instead of using food to cover her emotion, Chrissy focuses on working on some of the issues that weighed her down.


In the spirit of self-love and growth, Chrissy has written a book This is me: Loving the person you are today, in this book Chrissy talks about her childhood, her struggles with weight and self-esteem and later on discovering her life is so much more and choosing to focus on self-growth and love.

Chrissy Metz Weight Loss

Chrissy’s journey and progress are evident, and she is a role model for many young girls across the world.

Also, Chrissy has featured in a new movie Breakthrough. Her latest movie reveals her acting prowess as it has nothing to do with weight.

It is a true story about a mother who uses prayer to save her son.

Chrissy has also managed to produce several music videos, and this led to her substantial growth in her career.

The actress also encourages us to remember friends and family who support us.

Chrissy revealed that her first paycheck from This is us would go to her family and friends as a token of appreciation for their support in her journey.

This is not the end of Chrissy philanthropic acts and hopes to give even more as she continues to influence the world to be a better place.

Chrissy is a true inspiration not only in her career growth, but herself love and worth and her journey in overcoming depression and accepting herself.

As she graces the red carpet, her transformation into a stunning, beautiful woman is evident, and this has translated into her work.

Essential Lessons From Chrissy Metz’s Weight Loss Journey

  • Appreciate your journey; everyone has a unique path. The different routes are there to build us and make us better, so always appreciate your journey. Evident from her positive remarks on her entry into the weight watchers as the youngest contestant.
  • Be authentic in your journey, despite the question on gastric bypass surgery, Chrissy has made it clear that weight loss surgery is not for her, and she is instead striving to live a healthy life. This is a big step considering she is a public figure.
  • Learn from your journey, after experiencing a panic attack, Chrissy realised it’s time to make a few changes in her lifestyle. After this decision, Chrissy was able to shed a whopping 50 pounds.

Also, after struggling with self-image and depression, Chrissy has come out as a success story after publishing her book.

This book will not only serve as a reminder for Chrissy in her milestones but will play a significant impact in influencing people going through similar issues to be strong.

  • Do not be afraid to go for what you love and enjoy doing, even if things around you seem not to be working.
  • Love others and be kind, according to Chrissy, loving others has played a massive role in promoting self-love, so remember to be kind to those around you.

Bottom line.

Chrissy Metz has just unleashed her strength, and we are yet to see her full potential, she is one to watch out for as she works on more projects aimed at inspiring and changing the world to be a better place.

Most importantly, love who you are, eat and stay healthy.

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